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Now That The Holiday Season Is Past

Posted by Dale Hansen on

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season.

Desert Viking Distributing saw a lot of new customers ordering, at the same time we enjoyed some very nice repeat business from our very special regular customers.

Some of our more recent additions to our ever growing inventory include three great products from NORVIK that have been gaining popularity at a phenomenal rate. NORVIK Cleansing Conditioner is excellent regardless of your hair type, it allows you to save time when washing your hair, because it moisturizes while cleaning your hair without any harsh cleansing agents. We have a number of NORVIK customers who have found out that this Cleansing Conditioner is wonderful for use on hair extensions. In addition NORVIK Body Wash does an excellent job and it is sulfate free. It cleans, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and it has a fragrance that is not over powering, as a matter of fact it really has an excellent very appealing fragrance. 

I must not forget to mention NORVIK Coconut Oil Moisturizer, this wonderfully rich full body moisturizer is great, rich and silky to the touch, absorbs quickly into your skin and wow does it leave your skin feeling wonderful. Again a very appealing fragrance that will not offend anyone and will not over power perfume, cologne or after shave lotions. Want your skin to feel its best? NORVIK full body moisturizer, rich in Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil is a very good choice.

In the fourth quarter in time for the Holiday season we added a very nice selection of Hair Dryers and Irons for styling. Many styles and types in a nice price range. In the early fall we had added the Jenoris line of great hair care products. Jenoris products were created with Pistachio Oil and Borage Oil two excellent oils to give you hair wonderful care and leave it shiny, soft and more beautiful than ever. Jenoris has a great line of wonderful product.

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2017, new products, new product lines, new customers and being able to take great care of our wonderful regular customers. Whether you shop in our store, online at or by telephone, we are here for you.

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